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Experian Data Quality Software and Solutions - Demonstrations

Experian Data Quality' software demos

Your data is arguably your most important asset. Follow the links below to see how Experian Data Quality can make an impact to your bottom line by ensuring that your customer and address related information is accurate and up-to-date.

Entering addresses

QAS Pro makes entering and verifying valid customer address details quick, accurate and easy, eliminating up to 80% of keystrokes. Returning it to any underlying application in a standard, user-defined format for future use.

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Cleaning & verifying addresses

QAS Batch
Cleaning and enhancing the addresses in your existing database. This demonstration explains how QAS Batch can be used to keep your address database, accurate, up to date, and consistently formatted.

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Entering addresses on the Web

QAS Pro Web
This is a full working demonstration showing how the web version of Experian Data Quality can be used to enter worldwide addresses into your website form.

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Validate and Verify email addresses

QAS Email

QAS Email Validate enables email address accuracy and validity checks.

  • correct and validate email addresses at point of capture
  • hosted external web-based service
  • multiple checks are done quickly and effectively
  • reduce costs of collecting inaccurate email data

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Eliminate duplicate records from your data

matchIT software demo:
The fully customizable data matching functionality of matchIT allows users to find and eliminate duplicate data quickly and easily.

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QAS for Salesforce.com Demo

QAS for Salesforce.com is a contact data management product that validates and verifies international address details at the point of entry into your salesforce.com application. Verifying this information is vital to ensure good customer service as well as saving your organisation time and money.

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QAS for Oracle CRM On Demand

The product can be integrated into touchpoints where contact details are entered into your Oracle CRM On Demand application. A wide range of additional information can also be added at point of capture including names, business, grid reference and Mosaic data.

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